10 Postpartum Truths

The truths no one told me about that first month. If you are an expectant mama; here is the honest truth. Not sure whether to say ‘sorry’ or ‘you’re welcome’. If you are already a Mama , you will identify with most of the below…

1. You will still look pretty pregnant for a while yet. I looked 6 months pregnant from the day Maxon was born until he was 6 weeks old (When I then only looked 3 months pregnant, sigh). I promise it will get better. Your uterus will eventually gets it’s act together and shrink back to its original home.

2. You will cry. At anything and everything. For at least a month. Staring at your baby, cry, drop your biscuit on the floor, cry. My biggest advice here? Look away from the TV at any hint of an animal charity advert.

3. C-Section mamas – you won’t be able to stand up straight for a good few weeks. Your posture will temporarily resemble that of the old witch from Snow White. I promise that one day in the not too distant future, you will be able to pull your shoulders back.

4. Wind. Don’t really need to say much more here. Everyone gets it postpartum but from what I’ve read, it’s most common post section. Try and time it with your movement/tired groans if you want to hide it; but let’s be honest most of your dignity left you a few days back and it’s the least of your current concerns.

5. Your boobs will engorge very suddenly. The phrase ‘your milk comes in’ is literal. Definitely take a picture of them,  it’s probably the best they will look from here on in.

6. You will lose all concept of time in those first few weeks. Paradoxically the days are long but go extremely fast.

7. Those Bridget Jones knickers you bought for the first few days post birth? The ones that you scoffed at? You will come to love them. They hold everything in. I didn’t give mine up until 2 months pp.

8. Having a shower and washing your hair in the first month of your baby arriving will feel like an amazing accomplishment. Because IT IS.

9. Leaving the house for the first few times with the baby will feel terrifying. And more often than not, you will get out (after hours or equipment prep, it’s like getting ready for a flight but never going anywhere), and want to go straight back home.

10. You will both want a break, but also wince at the thought, of being parted from your baby. You dream of an hour off, but if you take one, will spend the whole time missing them and feeling like you’ve lost a limb. And this fact alone sums up motherhood from here on in.

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