Our review – Lollipop Baby Camera


Even though I was pretty organised when I was pregnant and keen on buying things in advance, a baby camera felt premature since Maxon was going to be in our room (and, as it turned out, pretty much glued to me) for the first 6 months anyway. When I did look at monitors online, it all felt very technical and dull; and trawling through customer reviews on the likes of Amazon just isn’t my bag.

So when the time came to invest, what grabbed me instantly with Lollipop was the visual. The design is fun while being understated; and since I had put in a lot of effort into designing Maxon’s room, aesthetics, although perhaps not ‘critical’ for a baby monitor, were definitely a big factor for me. Once I’d been drawn in, I read through the spec on the Lollipop website and was confident that this monitor matched our requirements. We were kindly gifted the camera by the Lollipop team and allowed a colour choice. I opted for the blue, which I though would tie nicely into some of the accent colours in the space.

Unboxing was brill as everything was so sleek, perfectly compartmentalized and labelled; which for a neat freak like me was a dream! I loved how minimal everything was and that there wasn’t tons of bit and pieces to sift through. I’m not a fan of an ‘instruction manual’ (does anyone have the time to read through a whole booklet?) so I loved that the installation steps were all laid out on one card. This also set the tone for how easy the installation was going to be!

The very slick box and its organised contents!

Setting the camera up was indeed a breeze; I’m not the best at anything technical but once I’d downloaded the app, it really was as simple as attaching the camera to the cot using the flexible loop (there is also a very unique ‘branch like’ attachment should you need to mount the camera to a wall) and I loved that it came with cable covers so that you were able to secure the cables safely away. All in all it took me about 10 minutes to set up and we were ready to go!

The app itself is so straight forward and the functionality is great. Highlights for me personally are the two way audio function (helpful for trying to soothe Maxon without having to rush into the room), and I also love the music and sound list; white noise is a must for us and Maxon also likes the vacuum option.

Music and Sound Options have been so useful for us!

I also find the ‘Event Video’ function really helpful in trying to understand Maxon’s sleep. As you may know through following my Instagram, Maxon is very unsettled through the night and at 8 months old, is regularly still waking 5 plus times. The event video is a good way for me to look back and track patterns of waking (and it helps me keep track of how many times I’m getting up, which doesn’t always make for a pleasant read, but is extremely informative!).

The event video function helps me keep track of waking patterns

Picture quality is probably what I am most impressed with, day and night. We have black out blinds in Maxon’s room and it is quite literally pitch black, but the camera picture quality is super clear and picks up everything! The clarity is far better than I’d anticipated from a monitor.

The very clear picture quality!

As I mentioned at the start, the aesthetics of the camera really appeal to me, and I love how it looks in the room Overall, its a big thumbs up all round and I’d highly recommend it to parents looking for a unique design combined with superb functionality and quality.

My Top 0-6 Month Baby Buys

I’ve been chatting to a few expectant mamas lately; some of my friends are due to have their first baby this year and I often get questions on my Instagram on what key things to buy. I remember feeling very overwhelmed in those final expectant months over ‘stuff’ and getting it right, so here are my top 5 buys that for me, were worth investing in! This is an honest review and I have not been paid nor gifted any of these products.

I did buy some things second hand on Facebook marketplace and Gum tree and would definitely do the same again and advocate doing so; particularly for items that can be cleaned easily (thinking plastic rather than fabric).

  1. The Shnuggle Baby Bath £19.99

I remember feeling so nervous about Maxon’s first bath; he seemed so tiny and fragile so I liked the idea of having a separate container rather than an aid in our big bath. The back rest keeps baby upright so they are comfortable and can see what’s going on, while the bum bump and anti slip surface keeps them securely in place. We used ours both in our own bath (it has grippy feet to keep it in place) and on carpet/flooring. Maxon only really outgrew this at 5ish months and we bathed him pretty much daily as part of his evening routine so we definitely got our use out of it. I’ve actually since sold it on for the exact price I paid for it (I bought it for £10 on Facebook market place!).

Even though he looks hacked off here, he was comfy!

2. The Chicco Next To Me Crib (£149-£179 – watch out for offers in Argos and Mothercare!)

I did a lot of reading into moses baskets/babies first sleeping destination and loved the idea of safe co sleeping. This crib offers this with the fold down partition meaning it could be attached to our bed and I could see and access Maxon easily. The fact that it can be angled as well was a life saver when we suspected Maxon was suffering from silent reflux (he hated being flat and has never been comfortable sleeping on his back). Even when we transitioned Maxon to his big cot in his own room (which we did at 5 months old) we have continued to use this as a travel cot when visiting family and friends. This was definitely worth investing in.

Newborn Maxon safely co sleeping with Daddy

3. The Baby Bjorn Bouncer Balance Soft £99-£129

It took a lot of convincing my husband that this was worth the money; when you visit places like Mothercare there are so many different  jazzy looking bouncers that this just seemed so plain by comparison. Reading the reviews however, I loved the ergonomic concept and the idea that baby would learn to bounce themselves,  and sure enough, at around 11 weeks old, Maxon worked out that if he kicked his legs, he bounced. The material is so soft and he always seems so comfortable in it; it was absolutely ideal (particularly in those early days when he couldn’t sit unaided) to place him in whilst I got on with things and because it folds up really simply, I would transport it from room to room. I did purchase the additional wooden toy bar (I managed to get one second hand on Ebay for £15 nearly new; it retails full price around £30) and was also really impressed with the quality. Maxon loved the colours and shapes on the bar and I definitely think it helped develop his motor skills. At almost 8 months old he is still using this bouncer (although less and less as he wants to be able to move around now) and it does convert to a seat so we will continue to use this for at least another 6-12 months.

Happy on the inside

4. Mussi Cuski Comforter £15-£20

I bought this on recommendation from a friend as I wanted a comforter for Maxon that I could trust was safe to leave in his cot in those early days. They are extremely soft and made from bamboo which is ultra absorbent and helps pick up your scent. I’d wear it down my top for an hour or two every few days (whilst sat in the house, might have looked a little odd while out and about) then gave it to him on a night. He often sleeps holding it and I’ve also used it to soothe him by brushing the material on his forehead. I’m actually about to buy a second one as the first one has been so well loved that I need a back up!

A 3 month old Maxon and his beloved Mussi

5. Fabric baby slings – I liked both the Joe and Joy Baby Sling (£20), and the Yoga Bellies Wrap (£30)

In the first few months, Maxon was generally quite unsettled and struggled to sleep, day or night, without a combination of being held/movement. I 100% would not have gotten through those months without baby wearing, it saved my sanity on many a day. When Maxon was small, I didn’t find a carrier that felt comfortable for us both other than sling wraps, and after watching a few Youtube videos, found them super easy to tie and I always found Maxon to be secure and snug. Up until he was around 4 months old, I used them daily both in the house to have my hands free and get small tasks done, and when out walking with the dog. I bought several brands and really liked the fabric of this one (plus they had a plain black option, those who know me will know I’m not a fan of colour or jazzy prints). I still occasionally wear him now but I do struggle with the weight of him to do so for very long!)

Out on one of our many ‘please sleep’ walks!

So there you have it, a little round up of my favourite newborn purchases. These are all things that I couldn’t have done without and items that I would 100% use again if there was ever to be a second time around! If anyone has any questions please, as always feel free to comment or DM me via instagram @the_geordie_mum